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About Us

We are a boutique law firm who specialise in debt recovery and litigation. Our forward-thinking approach and use of technology coupled with a personal touch to client service sets us apart. How do we do it? Let us share our secret...

We have an exceptional team. We’ve handpicked talented professionals who share our vision and enhance our capabilities. Creating a supportive work environment is paramount. We know from experience that a happy team will deliver an outstanding service to our clients. We value each person’s unique talents and give them the freedom to add value to our business.

We’re not content with conventional thinking and curiosity fuels our drive to challenge the norm. By stepping into our client’s shoes and knowing what questions to ask we develop an understanding of their business needs and tailor our service to meet those needs. We view our relationships with our clients as partnerships, which are often built over several years on a shared journey towards success.

Our dedication and innovative approach means we become trusted partners to our clients, and we often work with them on projects to navigate challenges, improve their internal processes and to ensure their debts are collected quickly and effectively.

We also educate our clients and offer a comprehensive suite of training courses to equip clients with the knowledge they need to make informed credit management decisions. Our aim is not only to resolve problems but to help our clients prevent issues from arising.

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