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Our Team

Adam Stansfield

Adam Stansfield a Senior Legal and Enforcement Litigation Executive within the Legal Recoveries team and is simply an awesome debt collector, particularly skilled at pre legal recoveries and negotiating settlements quickly because he knows instinctively which buttons to press! Adam has worked in the financial services sector and in legal collections for the last 20 years and still going strong! He has been with GB for over 6 years. When not working Adam likes to play the odd round of golf and go for a walks with his lovely wife and dog Mindy. Living in Skipton the gateway to the dales he is lucky to have such a beautiful part of the country on his doorstep and always try to make the most of it!

Dale Fawcett

Dale is our Director of Debt Operations with 15 years of experience in Debt Recovery and a knack for making the process as painless as possible. He's worked with a diverse clientele, from small SMEs to large national PLCs across multiple sectors, and has helped them all navigate the often confusing world of credit control and debt recovery. With a keen mind for systems and a talent for motivating others, Dale is a true industry expert with a deep understanding of the various challenges businesses face. He takes the time to get to know each of our clients and their businesses, providing tailored solutions and building long-term, trust-based relationships. So you can rest easy knowing that Dale has got your back!

Gill Roberts

Gill is the Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA) for Goldsmith Bowers. She has been with the firm since August 2020. Gill has worked in and around Legal Accounts for the best part of the last 40 years (yes, she really is that old!) and has lots of all round Accounts knowledge and experience, having worked both as a Legal Cashier and a Legal Accounts Software Tester. Out of work, Gill is very much a home bird and currently working towards finishing the house she and her family moved into during Lockdown 2020. She has a varied taste in music, from all things 80’s and Rock through to the Classical likes of Andrea Bocelli. Gill has an 18-year-old daughter who keeps her on her toes. She also has an immense love of cats and enjoys taking care of the family’s 14-year-old pet. Gill’s favourite holiday spots are South Devon and Florida.

Jessica Bennett

Jessica is a Senior Litigation Solicitor who handles all manner of contested debt matters. She has worked as a commercial litigator for over 7 years, predominantly for a boutique commercial firm, and prior to that she completed her legal training in-house for a group of companies. Her experience means that as well as being a very skilled litigator, Jessica is also excellent at keeping the clients’ commercial interests as a priority. She is a Solicitor Advocate, which means that she can conduct hearings on clients’ behalf. Outside of work, Jessica enjoys regular (short) trips abroad, walking, time with friends, and trying to find ways to discourage her cats from ruining her house!

Joanne Middleton

Jo is Peters PA and wife so they form a great team at work and home. Jo literally organises Pete and has done for years so that he can work his magic collecting the complex debts.

Kirsty Hunt

Kirsty has 19 years experience in all aspects of debt recovery, the majority of these have been spent dealing with commercial debt recovery for various clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations and financial institutions at a large law firm. Kirsty decided to step away from debt recovery for a while and worked in an accounts department for a large sign making company. Initially thinking it was going to be a short term job she ended up staying for 7 years, the past 3 years were mainly spent working in credit control. Out of work Kirsty lives with her partner of 20 years and they have a 12 year old son who is smart, spirited and wise beyond his years, he definitely keeps them on their toes. Kirsty doesn’t really have any hobbies apart from shopping! She loves to spend time with friends and family and absolutely loves going on holiday.

Lisa Adkin

Lisa is a Solicitor who is a part of our Litigation team, where she handles various aspects of legal disputes. Her specific area of expertise lies in dealing with contentious insolvency cases. Additionally, Lisa offers advice on a wide range of disputed debt matters and represents a diverse clientele, including owner managed businesses (OMBs), PLCs, accountants, and Insolvency Practitioners (IPs). Lisa adopts a proactive, professional, and business-oriented approach to all cases, ensuring practical and easily understandable advice for her clients.

Nicola Hampshire

Nicola is the accounts assistant for Goldsmith Bowers and has been with the firm for 13 years. Nicola started out with the firm as a filing clerk, moved into admin, then progressed to debt recovery before settling into accounts full time in 2020. Outside of work, Nicola has 3 grown up children and an 8 year old. She also has 2 small grandchildren. She enjoys being at home with her family and cooking for everyone. She enjoys travelling and is looking forward to exploring more places across the UK and the world as having a family young meant that travel was very limited.

Pearl Gilbert

Pearl is our Trainee Administrator who is part of our central support services, ensuring seamless operations and efficiency across the business. Passionate about exploring new horizons through travel and cherishing family bonds, Pearl has recently triumphed in her business administration apprenticeship. She's eager to get stuck into new ventures at GB.

Peter Middleton

Pete is a litigator in our contested team with particular expertise in professional service litigation. Pete has worked at GB for 9 years and has 25 years experience in debt recovery litigation working in specialist areas such as asset finance. Pete is married with 3 children which keeps him very busy. Outside of work Pete is a keen Ice Hockey player. If you have a complex or contested debt issue Pete is your man, he will get his skates on and resolve your issues quickly. If he cannot he will be honest about it and give you good commercial advice so that you do not waste your money.

Rob & Richard

Rob and Richard are both ageing lawyers with over 30 years combined experience. They founded the Alpaca group in 2014 to innovate within law and invest into new areas of business, always with one eye on doing things differently within each industry. Rob’s background is with a boutique law firm in Leeds that had extensive debt recovery experience, while Richard worked for a big national law firm before completing an MBA and a Diploma in Management Consulting. Within Goldsmith Bowers, Rob heads up the general operation and finances, with Richard helping to shape strategy and lead on innovation around service delivery and customer service.

Sarah Goodwin

Sarah is our Debt Recovery Executive who improves the client experience by ensuring we get the best results for our clients. Sarah has a great skill set and works tirelessly to ensure things are done right in the background. Sarah ensures the small things are done right so that the big things work. Sarah is married with two children.